International Criminal Law

Jean-Charles TEISSEDRE is one of the few French lawyers whose firm is resolutely focused on the defence of persons sought by the criminal justice system.

The Office

Jean-Charles Teissedre has been a lawyer since 2001. He has consistently and rigorously developed a highly sought-after expertise in the field of criminal procedure which has gradually led him to defend wanted persons. Some people are thus considered, rightly or wrongly, as fugitives.

Mr Teissedre will personally and entirely handle your case. His goal is to track down possible procedural flaws and to prevent the process of surrendering the arrested person to the requesting country, be it France or another country.


In the event of an arrest, most often, it is necessary to deal urgently with an incarceration order, which may take various forms, the best known of which is the arrest warrant. A complex procedure, which it is preferable to anticipate, will then be implemented. The famous extradition procedure, as well as the procedure relating to the European arrest warrant, are indeed very technical procedures.

The absence of the accused or convicted person is a recurrent phenomenon which may be the result of a real desire to escape the state or judicial authorities of a country, but also the consequence of various malfunctions or negligence.


Mr Teissedre has dedicated a manual of criminal procedure to each of these procedures. The book, unique in its kind, entitled "The criminal defence of fugitives", is available on digital platforms.

The links to these platforms are listed in the "Publications" section of this website. The "Contact" section allows you to contact the firm, which guarantees its clients the strictest professional secrecy, as well as the discretion required for the handling of atypical cases.

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